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March 2020 - New score on sale

My most recent work « Tiny Tales for L » for tenor saxophone is now on BabelSocres website. Thanks to Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach for a new collaboration !
Here, an excerpt of the program note : I got the idea for composition of this piece, while reading picture books and telling bedtime stories to let my child sleep. It should be the same story as the night before, but she asks me “Mom, what is this?” ( ― I don’t know!) or suddenly tells me what happened in kindergarten today (― It has nothing to do with the story!)... In this way, the story is never exactly the same. But I enjoy it, of course…


Mon oeuvre la plus récente « Tiny Tales for L » pour saxophone ténor est désormais en ligne chezBabelSocres. Merci à Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach pour une nouvelle collaboration !


先日、最新作テナーサックスソロのための « Tiny Tales for L » が BabelSocres より出版されました。 https:/…

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